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Monday, 19 June 2006 - Food Diary :(

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bowl of Bran Flakes with one banana chopped

Cup of black coffee – 1x Sugar

Cup of White Tea – No sugar

Cup of black coffee – No Sugar

2 white hard rolls + 4 redwoods sausages

2 granary rolls + 4 redwoods sausages

50g bag of dark choc covered pumpkin, soya bean and raisin.

2 tins of red devil – energy drink

3 cans of Rubicon (Full O’ sugar)

Big bowl spaghetti + dehulled hemp + lots of cheezly melting mozza

One large choc chip cookie


One thing I find quite weird is the fact that looking at this list I am really surprised at how much I consume on a normal day. Makes me feel quite down when I think that this stuff didn’t particularly fill me up like I would have thought it would.

I’m starting to plan this out a bit more now; I was wondering should I start TFVP diet with a proper detox? I tried it once and felt great on the first day but after that I felt awful, not hungry, just aggressive and pissed off constantly with everyone. After starting on the Sunday I almost punched a local heroin addict in the face when he asked me for money. (Probably due to the fact that I had been made redundant a short while before and he knew we both signed on in the same f***ing queue and I was as skint as he was!!)

Anyway, Im going to be doing the first part of the video diary very soon and will post once I have a second.



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