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Monday, June 12, 2006

Hi everyone, Im Chris some of you might know me as the organiser of the Gloucestershire Veggie Fayre.

So I suppose I should let you all know a little about the Fat Vegan Project.

Over a year period I will attempt to lose weight to finally get down to my healthy weight (around 11 - 12 stone) which I was only 6 years ago. If you were to listen to most experts they would tell you that in order to lose weight you might want to cut down on dairy and meat... Well Im a vegan and Im knocking on 22 stone.

With help from some vegan nutrition experts, the vegan business comunnity and moral support from friends and family we hope to raise some serious money for vegan / animal charities.


TFVP will be very intrusive for me it, I will be doing a video diary and trying to keep the blog updated all the time with photos and special reports when ever I do a weigh in.

If you need to email me use

Cheers and thanks for the support!



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